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a gopher interface for emacs
Emacs Lisp
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About gopher.el

gopher.el is an Emacs mode to browse Gopher.


  • GIF and auto-detected image support.
  • Quick navigation.
  • Gopher search.


Chord Meaning
M-x gopher Enter Gopher, and provide an address to browse to.
ENTER Open the link at the cursor’s position, or choose the search to enter a query into.
TAB Move to the next directory listing link.
M-TAB Move to the previous directory listing link.
] Move to the next text file link.
[ Move to the previous text file link.
u Navigate to the parent of the current address.
r Reload the current address.
B Navigate backwards through the history
F Navigate forward through the history


It includes a function, w3m-open-this-url-in-gopher, which you may use to open Gopher links in w3m.


The source code may be forked, and issues may be filed, by visiting gopher.el’s GitHub page.

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