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Make arrow keys work again while a popup menu is visible.

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1 parent 05a9448 commit 58608c7f2a1cfa44708a7f2b6e9febd3a9f1fa9d @apinstein apinstein committed Feb 28, 2012
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@@ -48,9 +48,9 @@ filetype plugin indent on
" map arrow keys to move more sanely on wrapped lines
map <Up> g<Up>
-imap <Up> <C-O>g<Up>
+imap <expr> <Up> pumvisible() ? "\<Up>" : "\<C-O>g<Up>"
map <Down> g<Down>
-imap <Down> <C-O>g<Down>
+imap <expr> <Down> pumvisible() ? "\<Down>" : "\<C-O>g<Down>"
" emulate mac arrow-based selection editing
set keymodel=startsel

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