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[#1081] Docs: Trim Modules for Production Play Apps

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Peter Hilton authored
4 documentation/commands/cmd-dependencies.txt
@@ -45,3 +45,7 @@
~ --clearcache:
~ Clear the ivy cache (equivalent to rm -r ~/.ivy2/cache)
+~ --forProd
+~ Removes the module directories that are not necessary for production
+~ deployment: documentation/, src/, tmp/, *sample*/ and *test*/
7 documentation/manual/dependency.textile
@@ -169,6 +169,13 @@ bc. play dependencies --sync
If you run this command again the unwanted **JAR** will be deleted.
+When you deploy an application in production, you can reduce the size of its modules by removing module source code and documentation. You can do this by adding the @--forProd@ option to the command:
+bc. play dependencies --forProd
+This removes the @documentation/@, @src/@, @tmp/@, @*sample*/@ and @*test*/@ directories from each module.
h2. <a name="conflicts">Conflict resolution</a>
Whenever two components need different revisions of the same dependency, the conflicts manager will choose one. The default is to keep the latest revision and to evict the others.
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