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@@ -331,17 +331,13 @@ bc. Example2, you want to use basic auth:
There are many things you can configure see:
-h3. Clearing ivy cache
+h3. Clearing the Ivy cache
-Ivy cache mechanism sometimes causes confusion about dependencies resolving.
-Especially when using 'http' type in the repositories section of conf/dependencies.yml.
-If you would clear this problem, consider using '--clearcache' option.
+The Ivy cache can become corrupted, especially when using the @http@ type in the repositories section of @conf/dependencies.yml@. If this happens, and dependency resolution does not work, you can clear the cache with the @--clearcache@ option.
bc. $ play dependencies --clearcache
-It is equivalent to rm -r ~/.ivy2/cache.
+This is equivalent to @rm -r ~/.ivy2/cache@.
p(note). **Continuing the discussion**

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