Async and clustered Scala web framework and web server on top of Netty and Hazelcast
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Full documentation:

Xitrum ("Smurf" in Vietnamese) is an async and clustered Scala web framework and web server on top of Netty and Hazelcast:

  • It fills the gap between Scalatra and Lift: more powerful than Scalatra and easier to use than Lift. You can easily create both RESTful APIs and postbacks. Xitrum is controller-first like Scalatra, not view-first like Lift.
  • Annotation is used for URL routes, in the spirit of JAX-RS. You don't have to declare all routes in a single place.
  • Typesafe, in the spirit of Scala.
  • Async, in the spirit of Netty.
  • Sessions can be stored in cookies or clustered Hazelcast.
  • jQuery Validation is integrated for browser side and server side validation.

Hazelcast also gives:

  • In-process and clustered cache, you don't need separate cache servers.
  • In-process and clustered Comet, you don't need a separate Comet server.
|    Your app     |
|      Xitrum     |  <-- Hazelcast --> Other instances
| +-------------+ |
| | Action/View | |
| +-------------+ |
|      Netty      |
| +-------------+ |
| | HTTP Server | |
| +-------------+ |

Xitrum is open source: