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Ardoq Open API (Swagger) Addon

This addon lets you import Open API documentation to Ardoq. It has a built in page it uses as a gui that can be rendered through http://base-url/

The gui itself then has one simple function in gathering required data field for the post, which imports the Open API documentation.

Posting to the addon

The addon has a single POST api call which can be used to import data to Ardoq. So by calling a POST on there is the possibility of posting directly to Ardoq.

To post to the api the following data is required in the post as params.

  • spec - This overrides the url and should contain a full Open API specification. If one wants to use an url instead this should be omitted
  • url - This is used to fetch an api if a specification is not provided in the params
  • wsname - Used as the name for a workspace. Can be left blank if one wants to use the name in the swagger specification.
  • headers - Optional headers. Can be used to validate access to an url if needed.
  • ignorer - Determines if the validator should be ignored. Can contain any value if one wants to ignore the validation.
  • org - Name of organization one wishes to import to
  • token - API token generated by ardoq
  • ardoq-base-url - If your Ardoq account is on a custom domain, you muse provide the URL.

This should then create or update a workspace from the specification provided.

An example curl command with an url

curl -F"url=<URL to your specification>" -F"org=<my-org>" -F"token=<my-token>"

An example of a curl with a specification. note the < in swag=< in front of the file name. This < needs to be there, and will add the content of the file to the request!

curl -F"swag=<{my-specification.yaml}" -F"org={my-org}" -F"token={my-token}"

Running the addon in Docker

docker run -e API_BASE_URL= -d --name="swagger" ardoq/ardoq-swagger-addon:latest

You can replace the API_BASE_URL with the URL to your own installation if you run locally, or on premise.


The tests import sample files from - Wikipedia for Web APIs, specifically through the API endpoint.