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Arduino Ciao Library (MCU side)
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##Arduino Ciao (MCU side) Simple library in C to make MCU communicate with "outside World" through Ciao Core.

###What is Arduino Ciao?

Arduino Ciao is a easy-to-use and powerful technology that enables Arduino sketches to communicate intuitively with the "outside World". It aims to simplify interaction between microcontroller and Linino OS allowing a variety of connections with most common protocols, third-party services and social networks.

Arduino Ciao is open-source and distributed under MIT license: feel free to read it, suggest improvements, provide feedbacks and develop new features.

More information about Arduino Ciao project can be found at

###Arduino Ciao (MCU side) - Ciao Library

Arduino Ciao is made of two main parts:

  • the Ciao Library - usable inside sketches, it's written in C.
  • the Ciao Core - a library developed in python that runs on the CPU/MIPS side of the board.(source code available here)

Ciao Library allows you to send and receive data outside the microcontroller, through a serial communication, in a simple and intuitive way.

Details about Ciao Library architecture are available in the Arduino wiki

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