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Commits on Nov 26, 2015
  1. @agdl

    Merge pull request #4220 from agdl/communicationExamples

    agdl committed
    Fixed processing code for Processing 3
  2. @agdl

    run autoformat in the example

    agdl committed
  3. @ffissore

    Updated translations

    ffissore committed
  4. @agdl

    Fixed processing code for Processing 3

    agdl committed
    As pointed out in #4214 I changed the processing code to make it working wit Processing 3
  5. @ffissore

    Revert "Windows: patched launch4j to reduce the delay between polling…

    ffissore committed
    …s for the main"
    This reverts commit c3fc56f.
Commits on Nov 25, 2015
  1. @ffissore
  2. @cmaglie
  3. @ffissore
  4. @ffissore
  5. @per1234
Commits on Nov 24, 2015
  1. @cmaglie
  2. @cmaglie
  3. @ffissore

    Update revisions.txt

    ffissore committed
  4. @cmaglie
  5. @ffissore
  6. @ffissore
  7. @ffissore
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @sandeepmistry
  2. @sandeepmistry
  3. @Chris--A @sandeepmistry

    Make protected Stream::parseInt/Float overloads public.

    Chris--A committed with sandeepmistry
    Stream::parseInt & Stream::parseFloat previously had protected
    overloads which allowed skipping a custom character. This commit
    brings this feature to the public interface.
    To keep the public API simpler, the single paramter overload remains
    protected. However its functionality is available in the public
    interface using the two parameter overload.
  4. @Chris--A @sandeepmistry

    Add Stream::find(char); to SAM core.

    Chris--A committed with sandeepmistry
    This is a feature added to the AVR core here:
    It allows using the find method with a single char (#847).
  5. @Chris--A @sandeepmistry

    This adds control of Stream::parseInt/float lookahead.

    Chris--A committed with sandeepmistry
    Its default is SKIP_ALL which reflects previous versions.
    However SKIP_NONE, and SKIP_WHITESPACE can refine this behaviour.
    A parameter used in the protected overloads of parseInt/Float has been
    changed from `skipChar` to `ignore`.
  6. @Chris--A @sandeepmistry

    This is a bug fix which prevents parseFloat from proceeding past

    Chris--A committed with sandeepmistry
    multiple decimals '.' in the stream. Only one can be accepted for
    valid decimal numbers.
  7. @Chris--A @sandeepmistry

    This commit improves the parsing capability by allowing decimals only

    Chris--A committed with sandeepmistry
    prefixed by an '.' character. Previously the preceeding zero must be
    present: '0.'
  8. @fiechr @ffissore
  9. @fiechr @ffissore
  10. @fiechr @ffissore

    Added StartupWMClass=processing-app-Base to Linux .desktop file.

    fiechr committed with ffissore
    This should group all open Arduino IDE windows together under one icon (i.e. Ubuntu Unity launcher)
  11. @fiechr @ffissore
  12. @fiechr @ffissore

    Replaced/improved Linux install and uninstall scripts.

    fiechr committed with ffissore
    Install script adds menu item, desktop icon, file association for
    the current user - even if the Arduino installation was placed
    outside of the user's home dir (such as in /opt or /usr/local).
    Added three more icon resolutions (64px, 72px, 96px) - by using
    the 256px file - maybe there is a better source available for this...
    Modified build.xml for copying the existing icons and mime.xml file,
    both scripts and adjusted file permissions (ugo+x) for *.sh files to
    be executable by others by default.
  13. @ffissore
  14. @ffissore
  15. @ffissore

    Moved ContributedLibraryReleases out of LibrariesIndexTableModel and …

    ffissore committed
    …introduced its own special comparator. Will help with #4195
  16. @ffissore
  17. @ffissore
  18. @ffissore
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