Command line builder error when setting the port (v1.6.12) #5413

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Erel2 commented Sep 25, 2016 edited

Command line example: arduino_debug.exe --upload MyProject.ino --port COM54


Loading configuration...

Seems like BaseNoGui.initPackages is not called.


@cmaglie probably caused by 7d27c43


Not to offend anyone, but regression like this really causes big problem for us because we rely on the CLI to compile and upload. Because of Sierra, we need to upgrade to 1.6.12 but this bug breaks our code from the beginning.
Seems like the IDE has switched from CLI to arduino-builder and separate upload command since 1.6.6(?). Does it mean the CLI will be less likely maintained or regression like this will occur more often in the future?

facchinm commented Oct 3, 2016

@hanabanana, you are right, most of our CI tests switched using only arduino-builder.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience and we'll immediately add this test to the testing infrastructure.
In the meantime, you can stick with IDE 1.6.11 only replacing the builder on Sierra with this package, or replace arduino-core.jar with the attached one

@facchinm facchinm closed this Oct 3, 2016

@facchinm Thanks for the workaround and quick fix. We will probably wait for the next release though since downloading and replacing the patches cannot be baked into our code. Any estimate of when the next release will come out?

SB618 commented Oct 4, 2016

Yes, this needs to be regression tested. We have code that depends on this and has caused a big compatibility issue. Thanks for the workaround, please let us know when this will be fixed.

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