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@bbaltz505 bbaltz505 released this Aug 26, 2016 · 128 commits to master since this release

Changes since 1.6.4+1.74 (1.0.6):

  • CurieEEPROM refactor
  • Added support for Quark I2C interfaces: I2C0 and I2C1.
  • Update bus_scan.ino sketch of Wire library
  • WString: add toDouble (#293)
  • Make String::move of an invalidated String result in an invalidated String
  • Fix for USB virtual serial port in sketches of CurieIMU library
  • Fix for USB virtual serial port in sketches of CurieI2S library
  • stdlib_noniso.cpp: fix dtostrf() handling of integral portion
  • Add comment to pulseIn() in the header file to warn programmer about trying to detect high frequencies.
  • Verify BLE FW version on every sketch upload
  • Add BLE flashpack to IDE
  • JIRA-668: Removing Intel version of Adafruit_NeoPixel
  • Fix UART receiver corruption
  • Flush wait for transmission to be complete
  • JIRA-556: Add comments to I2S examples
  • Add delay to Serial1.end() allow GPIO lines to settle
  • CurieI2SDMA: Fix typo and add explanatory notes CurieI2SDMA.h
  • JIRA-640 I2C operations are sometimes timing out causing a long delay in between i2C operations
  • Issue #149: Provide scaled IMU data
  • JIRA-509:add IMU examples:FreeFallDetection, MotionDetection,ZeroMotionDetection...
  • JIRA-643: Add chip ID to SerialFlash example sketch
  • JIRA-566: I2S DMA implement: supplement library and example
  • Issue #241: make Serial1 release GPIO pins on end()
  • Add CurieIMUClass::end()
  • Update Wire examples to use Serial instead of Serial1
  • Define digitalPinToInterrupt for backwards compatibility
  • I2S DMA - supplement library and examples
  • JIRA-619: fix dtostrf
  • I2C - add functionality to change i2c clock speed
  • Reduce i2c delays
  • Add -std=gnu11 to compiler.c.flags in platform.txt
  • Added MIDI examples
  • JIRA-586: String.compareTo() does not compute the same as Uno for POS values
  • JIRA-572: Fix getStepDetectionMode()
  • JIRA-553 Modify library examples header info
  • JIRA-617: String Object constructor hangs up when handling large floating point number
  • SerialFlash: enlarge chip ID buffer
  • JIRA-560 I2C Bus Scan using read instead of write to avoid sending the extra byte when scanning I2C bus
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