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Name: Readme.txt
Copyright: Arduino
License: GPL
Project: eboot
Function: Project documentation
Version: 0.1 tftp / flashing functional

Ethernet bootloader for the ATmega328P / W5100

Flashing bootloader:
Connect an AVR ISP MkII and "make install".

Configuring your network:
The bootloader default address is
Configure your computer network card to a static address of with a subnet of
By default, the bootloader assumes an internet gateway is at address

Converting firmware to the right format:
The bootloader accepts raw binary images, starting at address 0x0000.
These can be generated using avr-objcopy, part of WinAVR / AVR-GCC, using the "-O binary" option.
Example: avr-objcopy -j .text -j .data -O binary app.elf app.bin

Uploading firmware manually:
1) Check the target board is powered, and connected to the computer ethernet.
2) Verify the computer network settings: Static IP of, Subnet of
3) Push reset button to start the bootloader. The LED will blink rapidly.
4) In a console window: tftp -e
5) At the tftp> prompt: put app.bin (where app.bin is your application binary image)
6) The board will be reprogrammed. Type quit to exit tftp.

Flash codes:
Rapid blinking: Ethernet bootloader is running.
Slow fading: Test application is running.

Version history
0.1: First internal release. Supports uploads on tftp.

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