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@github-actions github-actions released this 02 Sep 15:14
· 621 commits to master since this release



1c3a2df Add core ID in outdated command output (#1406)
83d71c8 Add support for .tpp and .ipp Sketch file extensions (#1316)
088d427 Add --library flag to compile command (#1258)
df2d30e Add dry-run for upload and burn-bootloader (#1352)
804b8d0 Add completion for PowerShell (#1413)
bc998ed Add ways to let users verify if new CLI released (#1416)


c342eac Improved lib detection: check for matching name in (#1276) (#1300)
75a93c0 Change board list output sorting (#1281)
6a201aa Enhance alphabetic sorting and place deprecated platform at the bottom (#1278)
5aa4248 Optimized upload 1200 bps-touch and fixed some rare corner cases (#1267)
6ac85fc Allow upload without specifing port, even if the board requires 1200-bps-touch on the serial port (#1263)
ff4eb92 Enhance handling of colored output (#1418)


372b881 Fix core list command not returning latest available version (#1409)
01c07b6 Fix board search not returning boards if installed core is not latest version (#1410)
64b14a5 Fix runtime.os not set in upload properties (#1312)
b9b7a87 Fix board attach panic if sketch.json doesn't exist (#1405)
f632a9d Fix error printing when core uninstall fails during upgrade (#1371)
65b2ea6 Fix crash when loading boards (#1354)
2173c12 Fix loading platforms with malformed boards.txt (#1326)
b7bcf00 Fix empty name on manually installed platforms without platform.txt (#1322)
d4f31df Fix upload waiting for port without 1200bps touch (#1319)
b1764d1 Fix network settings uneditable with config command (#1288)
d1b1b03 Fix compile command panicking if invalid build.options.json is found (#1118)
6095a84 Fix sorting of platforms and boards (#1282)
dad5e9c Fix compile --build-path not working with relative paths (#1423)
56419ec Fix upload command not working as expected when certain flags are used (#1429)

Breaking Changes

ec027a7 [breaking] Add support for Pluggable Discoveries (#1333)
a66fea9 [breaking] Refactor initialization steps (#1274)
7b68b48 [breaking] Pass user locale preference directly to i18n package (#1365)
e7d4eaa [breaking] Refactor codebase to use a single Sketch struct (#1353)
16f4135 [breaking] Check gpg signature for library_index.json (#1307)
a07258b [breaking] Change gRPC DebugConfigRequest port field type (#1414)