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The Arduino IDE for advanced users and developers. Experimental alpha version.
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Arduino Pro IDE

The Arduino Pro IDE bring features that address the needs of advanced users whilst retaining continuity with the simple "classic" Arduino IDE.

This repo is an a preview of the final product and has to be considered as an unstable alpha version.


The Arduino Pro IDE is a completely new Development Environment for Arduino Programming based on more modern technologies.

Getting Started


You can download this alpha preview for testing and feedback from the Releases Section of this repo. Note this is not a production release!

Arduino CLI

The Arduino Pro IDE uses the arduino-cli binary found in the system's PATH or its own embedded one if the arduino-cli is not found. So please be sure you have the latest version of the CLI as described in the How to Install the Arduino CLI doc, or remove your arduino-cli from the system PATH

You can check your arduino-cli version with

$ arduino-cli version

Install a core to support your board

The Arduino Pro IDE does not provide pre-installed cores, to have board support you have to install a core by using the menu

Tools -> Board Manager...

User Feedback and Issue Report

Before releasing the source code we want to move out of the alpha and we want your feedback to do this! Please test the Arduino Pro IDE and report bugs or feature requests at:


The Arduino Pro IDE is based on the following technologies:

If you want to know more about the people involved please look at the Contribution list


This Repository doesn't hold source code yet. Its main use is to collect issues and keep track of them. We regularly release new versions of the compiled tool. You can find them under "Releases"

v0.0.3 alpha :

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