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=== Release 1.5.3 - November 13th, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- yun-gcc now includes many header files. Checkout @noblepepper blog for some instructions
- nodejs: bleno version bump
- nodejs: new native module sqlite3. See
- nodejs: wrapper script now works well even with swap partitions (it was working with swap files only)
- nodejs: version bump to 0.10.33
Web Panel
- fixed wrong timezone selection on advanced settings. See
=== Release 1.5.2 - October 18th, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- disabled DNS server on every interface but localhost, thus preventing a network security issue introduced by an
"open resolver"
- wifi name when in Access Point mode can now be specified in configuration file /etc/config/arduino. If set to
"Arduino", actual name will be "Arduino Yun" plus MAC address. Custom name will be retained even after resetting
wireless configuration. See
=== Release 1.5.1 - October 13th, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- sync with latest stable OpenWrt
- added commented line in rc.local that disable kernel console debug messages
- upgraded nodejs to latest 0.10.32
- upgraded modules to 1.x
- added and (0.9.x series of
- upgraded all the other nodejs modules
- upgraded python bridge (see below)
Bridge (python and php)
- bridgeclient new functions: getall, delete and mailbox (also see
- bridgeclient speed up: calling begin() and close() before and after all the subsequent calls to bridge, make
these calls faster. See and
Web Panel
- build date of running OpenWrt-Yun is now shown in homepage footer. See
- list of available wifis now includes signal strength. See
=== Release 1.5.0 - September 17th, 2014
Web Panel
- REST api had fixed timeout of 5 seconds. Now timeout is configurable in file /etc/config/arduino.
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- Added yun-gcc package. Thanks @noblepepper. See
- If swap is active, nodejs runs with no arguments. Otherwise, it runs with constraining memory options.
- opkg now uses libcurl: removed ugly url encoding patch. See
=== Release 1.4.2 - September 4th, 2014
Web panel (bugfix)
- Fixed a javascript error in webpanel login page
- Fixed wrong JSONP serialization. See
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- Added "image builder" to the build process. See
- Added alljoyn feeds and packages. Ses
=== Release 1.4.1 - August 7th, 2014
Web panel (bugfix)
- A bug in date parsing caused issues in displaying webpanel homepage.
=== Release 1.4 - July 15th, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- kernel: loop back device is now built-in
- new scripts extract-built-date and extract-built-date-from-sysupgrade-image
Web panel (configuration, REST API, sketch upload)
- Image upgrade box now shows image creation date and notify user if it's newer than the one running on the Yun.
- It's now possible to upload a precompiled sketch (.hex file) via webpanel
=== Release 1.3 - July 14th, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- run-avrdude: fixed a fail occuring when /tmp/efuse file cannot be created.
- u-boot: stopping autoboot now requires typing 'ard', instead than any single char.
=== Release 1.2 - July 12th, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- opkg: fixed problem with downloading packages with pluses ("+") in the name.
- ImageMagick was missing some binaries. Issue
=== Release 1.1 - June 23rd, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- Wifi now supports DFS
=== Release 1.0 - April 17th, 2014
OpenWrt-Yun (Linux side)
- wget now supports ssl
- Fixed fuses values in run-avrdude
- nano is now built-in (no need to become "vi" experts any more)
- Updated ruby to 1.9.3-p429
- Fixed USB port stability (when using it both with a pen drive or as a serial device)
- Patched dhcp script to fix ethernet routing issue
- Added lots of webcam modules
- Fixed USB keyboard support
- Heartbleed
- Linux side ready visual notification: when linux boot completes, the usb led lights up (it's bright white)
- Disk space expander tutorial: using an micro SD card to have gigabytes of disk space
- Added "upgrade-all" script for easier massive upgrade of packages (available only after having followed the
ExpandingYunDiskSpace tutorial)
- Node.js is now available as an optional package: other native nodejs packages include bleno, noble, serialport, See the list at github
Web panel (configuration, REST API)
- Previously, jsonp calls were triggered by the "jsonp" query string parameter only. Now, you can use "callback"
as well. This makes it easier to query the Yún with jquery. #1
- Added Mailbox support: http://arduino.local/mailbox/DATA #3
- Various fixes
Bridge (python)
- File.size() now implemented
- PHP bridge client (thx Luca Soltoggio)
- Bridge is now run with "-u" python flag, preventing some random lockups in the Bridge
- Resolved conflict with python "json" module