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Welcome to the HubLink wiki!


You can find here some documtation about this project and its usage. Documentation is always in progress so don't worry to open a issue to ask or report something.

Server side:

First step is to setup the environment.This can be done in windows or linux enviroment as well.

Second step is to configure application

Client Side:

Agent based solution

Installing an agent that monitor some log file you do not need to change anything into your application. Here some options:


All .Net solution are covered by HubLink.Net project.

Agent Based Solutions


There isn't any logger for PHP, yet. We are planning to implement following appenders:

It is easy to implement a Monolog logger,just follow this guide. If you need to implement it please add an issues, we will support you to develop the appender.


Logging in java is quite easy using log4j framework. We are planing to implement an appender for it, but rightnow there isn't something ready. You can write your own appender simply by following this tutorial

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