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# Default Theme Development

## Front-end Workflow

FE workflow is using Grunt.
Default theme is located here : config/themes/default/

First time working on the project run :

grunt init

When doings devs run :

grunt dev

Main CSS file is main.css, this one is versioned unminified.

## Deploying to staging

grunt staging

This task will create a /dist folder inside the theme/default folder.
This /dist folder will contain everything that should be send to production : images, fonts, JS, CSS, PHP.
At last, the task will sftp the content of this dist folder to staging using SFTP-DEPLOY task :

If you only want to create the dist folder (without sftp the content) :

grunt before_deploy

# About Subfolio

Subfolio provides an elegant, practical and customizable web interface to your file system. Super fast to set-up and use, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Flexible and feature-rich, you’ll soon be inventing new ways to use it.
@@ -29,4 +66,4 @@ If you have a problem, question, suggestion or to see full documentation, please
To download Subfolio Enhancers, please visit:

(c) 2009-2016 Subfolio by AREA 17. All rights reserved.
(c) 2009-2017 Subfolio by AREA 17. All rights reserved.

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