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@ifox ifox released this Mar 15, 2019 · 5 commits to 1.2 since this release

Based on a bunch of community feedback and contribution, and after releasing several new sites using Twill, we've implemented many non-breaking additions, fixes, and improvements for 1.2.1.

Many of you have asked for a space to chat with us and other developers using Twill. We just launched Twill on Spectrum to do just that. We literally just created it so it's a bit of a graveyard right now – don't be shy and post away to help get things started.


  • Laravel 5.8 support (#209)
  • CMS users 2 factor authentication (requires the php-imagick extension installed when enabled)
  • Media library custom fields
  • Browser field with multi-types
  • Medias, select and radio fields support in settings (#87)
  • Support for default values in input and wysiwyg fields
  • Add option to keep value inside connector field when toggled
  • Implement an easy way to check for images existence (#53)
  • Provide a way to disable the main content fieldset in forms
  • Add wide modal option to browser form field (#105)
  • Enable HTML rendering in browsers (#100)
  • Add a way to add pattern for the routes and domain of the admin


  • Fix medias and files form fields conflicts (#72)
  • Fix login error state
  • Fix npm scripts in documentation
  • Correct documentation typos (#43)
  • Fix reference to hard-coded twill users table name by using config value
  • Fix wrong parameter order in fileObject helper (#99)
  • Fix settings for all types of translatable configuration
  • Fix select field value in settings for codebases with multiple languages
  • Update and block vue-select to last version (2.5.1). Update style and logic according to changes in vue-select
  • Fixed published scopes hook
  • Fix publication timeframe listing column
  • Fix CMS global search on translated titles
  • Fix for non existing crop settings
  • Fix default locale column length
  • Fix logged-in admin user privilege escalation through manually forged POST requests
  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing CMS users listing
  • Fix translated file form field creating duplicate attached files after saving twice
  • Fix uploader showing duplicate on upload error


  • Update to Laravel Mix 4 (#113)
  • Address some install and build issues:
    • Publish compiled assets on install
    • Provide an experimental artisan based build command php artisan twill:build
    • Move npm documentation down as this is not needed to get started anymore, only when creating custom blocks
    • Fix npm scripts cp syntax once again, fixing #165
  • Update front language components to support large number of languages (#47)
  • Check database connection before twill:install (#66)
  • Improve create super admin command (#68)
  • Added default false value to published column on module's default migration (#93)
  • Wysiwyg - Default styling for the superscript
  • Update image styling in browser items list
  • Memoize translations to avoid querying the relationship multiple times when checking for active translations
  • Languages list in listings – show first 4 only
  • Allow main nav to scroll on overflow-x
  • Add repeaterName parameter to repository repeater relates functions (#129)
  • Remove unecessary check for empty value before saving text fields into vuex store
  • Improve usability of the full screen content editor on mobile
  • Various documentation improvements
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