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ADBruker Releases

The latest untagged master branch can be obtained at

Tagged source code and pre-built binary releases prior to R2-0 are included in the areaDetector releases available via links at

Tagged source code releases from R2-0 onward can be obtained at

Tagged prebuilt binaries from R2-0 onward can be obtained at

The versions of EPICS base, asyn, and other synApps modules used for each release can be obtained from the EXAMPLE_RELEASE_PATHS.local, EXAMPLE_RELEASE_LIBS.local, and EXAMPLE_RELEASE_PRODS.local files respectively, in the configure/ directory of the appropriate release of the top-level areaDetector repository.

Release Notes

R2-2 (4-July-2017)

  • Fixed medm screen layout for ADCore R3-0
  • Fixed configure/RELEASE for IOC.

R2-1 (16-Apr-2015)

  • Changes for compatibility with ADCore R2-2

R2-0 (24-Mar-2014)

  • Moved the repository to Github.
  • Re-organized the directory structure to separate the driver library from the example IOC application.

R1-9-1 and earlier

Release notes are part of the areaDetector Release Notes.

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