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Two fixes to eigerStatus()

- If Acquiring is true then return immediately.  We get errors polling the status when it is acquiring.
- If the model string contains 500K then don't poll the status of link2 and link3 because they don't exist and give errors if polled.
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MarkRivers committed Aug 31, 2018
1 parent c591a33 commit 50e13b24226e6eb702bd88a8dab16ed280c99137
Showing with 14 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +14 −6 eigerApp/src/eigerDetector.cpp
@@ -1583,6 +1583,12 @@ asynStatus eigerDetector::parseTiffFile (char *buf, size_t len)
asynStatus eigerDetector::eigerStatus (void)
// If we are acquiring return immediately
int acquiring;
getIntegerParam(ADAcquire, &acquiring);
if (acquiring)
return asynSuccess;

// Request a status update
return asynError;
@@ -1600,8 +1606,13 @@ asynStatus eigerDetector::eigerStatus (void)
// Read the status of each individual link between the head and the server
status |= mLink0->fetch();
status |= mLink1->fetch();
status |= mLink2->fetch();
status |= mLink3->fetch();
std::string model;
getStringParam(ADModel, model);
// The Eiger 500K does not have link2 or link3
if (model.find("500K") == std::string::npos) {
status |= mLink2->fetch();
status |= mLink3->fetch();

// Read DCU buffer free percentage
status |= mDCUBufFree->fetch();
@@ -1615,11 +1626,8 @@ asynStatus eigerDetector::eigerStatus (void)
status |= mStreamDropped->fetch();
status |= mFWFree->fetch();

return asynError;

return asynSuccess;
return status==0 ? asynSuccess : asynError;

bool eigerDetector::acquiring (void)

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