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ADPixirad Releases

The latest untagged master branch can be obtained at

Tagged source code releases from R2-0 onward can be obtained at

Tagged prebuilt binaries from R2-0 onward can be obtained at

The versions of EPICS base, asyn, and other synApps modules used for each release can be obtained from the EXAMPLE_RELEASE_PATHS.local, EXAMPLE_RELEASE_LIBS.local, and EXAMPLE_RELEASE_PRODS.local files respectively, in the configure/ directory of the appropriate release of the top-level areaDetector repository.

Release Notes

R2-2 (2-July-2018)

  • Added support for the PIXI-III chip
    • New CountMode record to select Normal, NPI and NPISUM count modes.
    • New HitThreshold record to control the VtHit value.
    • Added new pixiradAutoCal iocsh command to set the 7 calibration values unique to each PIII detector.
  • Changed AUTOCAL so that it does not read back the calibration images. These were not useful, added complexity, and could be confusing to the user.
  • Added support for new PVs in ADCore R3-3 in opi files (NumQueuedArrays, EmptyFreeList, etc.)
  • Changed configure/RELEASE files for compatibility with areaDetector R3-3.
  • Improved op//autoconvert/ files with better medm files and better converters.

R2-1 (16-April-2015)

  • Changes for compatibility with ADCore R2-2.

R2-0 (4-April-2014)

  • New driver added in this release.
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