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Why Yarn

Yarn is Super Fast!!

Yarn caches every package it downloads so it never needs to again. It also parallelizes operations to maximize resource utilization so install times are faster than ever.

Common NPM commands in Yarn

NPM Command Yarn Command Description (wherever necessary)
npm install yarn
yarn install
Will install packages listed in the package.json file
npm install pkg-name
npm install --save pkg-name
yarn add pkg-name By default Yarn adds the pgk-name to package.json and yarn.lock files
npm install pkg-name@1.0.0 yarn add pgk-name@1.0.0
npm install pkg-name --save-dev yarn add pkg-name --dev
npm install pkg-name --peer yarn add pkg-name--peer
npm install pkg-name --optional yarn add --optional
npm install -g pkg-name yarn global add pkg-name Careful, yarn add global pkg-name adds packages global and pkg-name locally!
npm update yarn upgrade Note: It's called upgrade in yarn
npm uninstall pkg-name yarn remove pkg-name
npm run script-name yarn run script-name
npm init yarn init
npm pack yarn pack Creates a compressed gzip archive of the package dependencies
npm link yarn link
npm outdated yarn outdated
npm publish yarn publish
npm run yarn run
npm cache clean yarn cache clean
npm login yarn login (and logout)
npm test yarn test
npm install --production yarn --production
npm --version yarn version
npm info yarn info

New Commands in Yarn

Yarn Command Description
yarn why pkg-name  Builds a dependency graph on why this package is being used
yarn clean Frees up space by removing unnecessary files and folders from dependencies
yarn licenses ls   Inspect the licenses of your dependencies
yarn licenses generate-disclaimer   Automatically create your license dependency disclaimer