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git library in PHP
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Development has moved to

glip is a Git Library In PHP. It allows you to access bare git repositories from PHP scripts, even without having git installed. The project's homepage is located at

glip was formerly part of eWiki, a wiki software written in PHP using git as version control backend. You can get more information on eWiki from

glip was split off eWiki on May 31, 2009. An attempt was made to preserve commit history by using git filter-branch; this also means that commit messages before May 31, 2009 may seem weird (esp. wrt file names).


Include the autoload file, as shown below:


require_once __DIR__.'lib/autoload.php';

Create a new Git repository:


use Glip\Git

$repo = new Git('project/.git');

Anyone who wants to contribute to this project is more than welcome to send a pull request

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