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The commits on this repo are individually interesting, since they show chunks of progress from a stupid naive protocol handler, through some of the thought required to deal with the fact that chunks come in off the wire in varying sizes and with boundaries that can be in the middle of things like headers that we do want to care about.

this ends up as a complete http 1.1 client for text-only use cases, that don't use HTTP Chunked transfer-encoding. It's a minimum viable http, as it were. It'll mangle binary data, it doesn't keep the status code separate from other headers, it's pretty naive. but it shows off the tricks of parsing incrementally with data as it comes over the wire. The test suite ain't bad either, and shows off some tricks for using a real live http server for testing on an ephemeral port.

The design is meant to have things in common with node's http library -- that one uses a C++ module for parsing the HTTP headers, rather than the naive approach I took here, but the structure is a bit similar.

There's some background on the development process on my blog.

If this project is useful to you, say hi! I'd love to hear from you.

Aria Stewart


A learning repo for a module like a mini node http client



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