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Describe atEnd, and actually do something with any pending stuff we h…

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@@ -124,6 +124,24 @@ module.exports = {
this.push(data) // Just pass it on. for now.
next(); // Ready for next chunk.
+ }, function atEnd(next) {
+ // through2 takes 2 functions: forEachChunk and atEnd -- this is the second one,
+ // it gets called when the data incoming to through2 ends. Any clean-up or final
+ // actions we need to take before we stop getting called happen here.
+ // there's still a stream 'end' event that has to happen, after this stream will
+ // do no more. We don't want a race between our cleanup and the caller's last read
+ // or the end event. They may assume they got it all if end was emitted before this,
+ // but we had one more thing to do, so we have to tell through2 we're not just done,
+ // but done-done.
+ //
+ // If we had no atEnd, it would just send 'end' when we're done. But we had one thing
+ // pending.
+ // So if we had leftovers, let's put them in headers. This isn't correct, but
+ // vanishing data in a closure variable is no good either.
+ response.rawHeaders.push(partial);
+ next();
// Whatever comes out of our header-splitting stream parser must be the
// body. Because that's what we designed, right?

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