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Add a first pass header parser that splits the incoming headers up in…
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…to lines. Eats the body though :(
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aredridel committed Oct 25, 2015
1 parent 35164b5 commit ee57299
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65 changes: 64 additions & 1 deletion index.js
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Expand Up @@ -41,15 +41,78 @@ module.exports = {
// so we can receive headers and handle them ourself.
// Data goes in one side, comes out the other. One of the simplest streams.
var response = new stream.PassThrough();

response.headers = {}; // Look! Fake headers!

// A simple list of the raw header lines. We'll do more with them later,
// but sometimes callers want to see the details.
response.rawHeaders = [];

// We're in headers until we find the body. We'll flip this switch once we
// find that `\r\n` that ends the headers.
var inBody = false;

// We may get some chunk of data like "ontent-Type: text/htm" so we need a
// place to keep it until the next chunk completes it.
var partial = '';

c.pipe(through2(function divideHeadersFromBody(data, _, next) {

// For simplicity, we're going to _completely_ ignore that binary
// data like images are a thing that could ever exist.
data = data.toString();
// Here we figure out if data is header, body, or some of each.
// This function gets called for each chunk of data, and we
// decide whether to pass it on (this.push(data)), keep it for ourselves,
// or split it apart and pass some on (this.push(somepart))

this.push(data) // Just pass it on.
if (inBody) {
// We just pass along the body as it's received. We only have to parse
// headers. If we flipped the `inBody` switch, it means we are now in
// short-circuit mode, just passing along this remainder.

// Stop processing here and let the next chunk flow in.
return next();

while (data) {
var m = /\r?\n/.exec(data);
// `\r` is "carriage return", and `\n` is "newline" -- Unix only cares about `\n`,
// but HTTP is an IETF protocol, and the standard line ending is actually DOS line
// ends. But lots of unix systems forget the `\r`, so it's optional. But expected.

if (m) {
// If there's a \n, we found a header line -- from start to \n.

// We take anything we'd stored and add it to our list of headers.
response.rawHeaders.push(partial + m.input.slice(0, m.index));

// Since we used up any previous partial piece if there was one, we clear it.
partial = '';

// We slice off what we just added, saving further data for another header.
// This could end the while loop, if the end of this chunk is also the end of a header.
data = data.slice(m.index + m[0].length);

} else {
// No \r?\n, so we must have partial data, and just save it for the next go round.
// Hypothetically, data could equal "ntent-Type: text/ht" here and partial could
// equal "Co" ?-- neither a complete start nor end of a header.
// If there's partial stuff from before, we add to it.
partial = partial + data;

// And since we saved it, clear it out. Oh hey, and it ends the while loop. This chunk is _done_.
data = '';

// okay, so the question is we are never flipping the switch onBOdy so we will always hit this if else after headers are parsed which is what we don't wnat? :P
// Correct! Let's get header parsing work, then flip the bit when we find the end of headers. Hard to do in the opposite order, since they haven't arrived yet.

this.push(data) // Just pass it on. for now.
next(); // Ready for next chunk.
// Whatever comes out of our header-splitting stream parser must be the
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5 changes: 4 additions & 1 deletion test.js
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Expand Up @@ -29,7 +29,10 @@ tap.test('makes a simple GET request', function (t) {
res.pipe(bl(function (err, data) {
t.ok(res.headers, 'We get a headers object');
t.match(data.toString(), /Hello/);
t.ok(res.rawHeaders, 'We get a rawHeaders array');
t.ok(res.rawHeaders.length, "We got headers in the array");
console.warn(res.rawHeaders); // Let's see our work!
// t.equal(data.toString(), 'Hello', 'Data is just the body'); Will fix this later.
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