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A flexible, modular IRC daemon, trying to be very node-like in its APIs.


I run a small community chat server, and we want a hackable, fun IRCD, to do crazy new things with in the guise of IRC. So, this.


  • Single-server for now, I and C, but not so much R.
  • Events for everything, making it easy to plug new things in
  • Extensible, able to add new commands
  • A demo server that shows who's online and what channels exist.
  • A parser for traditional ircd.conf files

Wanted Features

  • Hot reloading of parts of the code
  • Multiple server support
  • A working demo web chat.
  • Mode handling, both standard and new ideas.
  • SendQ tracking, and pausing the input with the normal node stream.pause()
  • Channel operator functions such as KICK, modes +b, +o, +k, +i and INVITE
  • A LIST implementation


Socket Layer

  • Server, The local, listening service

    • register()
    • join()
    • sendTo(destination, message), look up an object to handle destination
  • Connection, A client or server connection

  • Peer, NIY, a single (remote) server, and metadata

    • send()

Messaging Layer

  • Channel, A list of users + metadata

    • send(), send to each (local)user on the channel and to each (remote)user's server
  • User, A single user, and metadata

    • send(), send to user's connection

To Do

  • Split the message-passing functions into User, and leave Connection as parsing
  • make server replies to messages use the sender object for returns
  • Implement all the missing commands and replies
  • Normalize nicknames and channel names for comparison.
  • Make the internal API emit events that you'd want as a bot or client author: "For this user, on a message from this channel"