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node-mailbox(3) -- A library for accessing on-disk mailboxes


An example:

var mailbox = require('mailbox')
var md = new mailbox.Maildir('Maildir')
md.appendMessage(function(stream) {
stream.write("Subject: testing\r\nFrom: node-mailbox\r\n\r\n")
stream.write("Testing, 123!\r\n")


mailbox.Maildir is an object for accessing Maildir format mailboxes.

See for more information on the format.


Creates a new message file in the tmp directory in the Maildir and calls the callback with the open writable stream.

When there is no callback, it returns the writable stream, but any errors in the stream will be emitted with an 'error' event, including the very possible 'EEXIST' -- though this library uses the process id in the filename, collisions are possible if other systems use other filename formats, or is malicious in some way, or something weird happens.

When there is a callback, the retry is handled automatically.

The callback gets two arguments, (err, writableStream)