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An agent and login script to allow users to log in and perform tasks on a server

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A frontend PHP that SSHes to the server and starts the daemon running as the user; it receives the magic cookie, and then connects over a unix-domain socket to the agent, authorizes with the key, and then can run various tasks as the user.

The protocol is SMTP-like, in that commands that take data expect data to terminate with \n.\n. Responses are SMTP-like, though based on HTTP codes: 100 Continue; 200 OK; 400 BAD; 500 Internal error.

The primary purpose of this is to let my users schedule cronjobs, alter vacation messages, and change passwords, all securely and without any unusual setuid code. Since my servers allow SSH access anyway, users don't gain any privilege with this, just convenience

Clients must expect a 500 in response to any command.



Returns a list of writable files in dir

MKDIR dirname

Returns 201 if created, 412 if the directory already exists.

PUT filename

Send data followed by . Sends 100 when ready for the data. Returns 200 on success.


Returns 200, then closes the connection.


shutdown the user daemon

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