A fully featured PHP login script.
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PHP Login Script

More and more websites make their way to internet daily, and the many existing get hacked. Without a decent framework for your site, the chances are that your site may get hacked, that's where our simple PHP login script comes to play, our PHP secure login script was coded with security and performance in mind.

Without a secure framework, you might be inviting hackers to target your site; with PHP Login Script, you can easily avert these harms. Our PHP Login System is secure, fast, efficient, easy to use and customize. Our script is easy to use and flexible in compare to other PHP Scripts in the industry. PHP Secure Login Script is easy to use, fast and efficient among other PHP Scripts in the market. You can easily setup your own membership site in no time, and customize it to fit your needs. It's secure and highly customizable, and packed with features you require. Hundreds of people already love our Simple Login Script because they consider it safe, secure and easy to use and customize.

You can easily use this PHP Login System to create your membership site, make your web-app, or simply use it as a base for your own website and/or framework. The usage is limitless, your ideas and our Login Script will go hand in hand.

Our simple PHP login script is a quick fix to your problems, spend less time doing the stuff that doesn't matter, instead go ahead with your main plan: buy PHP Secure Login Script and build your product on our framework. It's safe, secure and updated frequently.

Purchase our Login Script and get it instantly in no time. There's no need to wait, it's all instant for your convenience. The script is robust and bullet-proof against hackers.

Making interactive websites is easy and fun with our Login Script. No big hassle, less troubles and more logical work. The installation takes not more than 30 seconds, and is budget and time effective. Furthermore, PHP Login System receives frequent updates that keep your websites updated, safe and secure against hackers and continues to get updated with new and new features.

Built with secure and performance in mind, it's highly fast and doesn't act as bottleneck on your websites unlike other PHP Scripts. It's fast and secure, uses efficient and easy to understand code, even a newbie programmer shouldn't have a problem with our simple PHP login script as easy to use and includes easy to understand beautiful code.


Installation follows a simple and straightforward manner. Before you start, please upload all the files to the desired folder, mostly probably public_html or www.

Once, you are done, go to your hosting control panel and create a database. Finally, open config folder and start filling it. The first series of variables and constants is self-explaining. Fill the database details properly and make sure that they are valid, otherwise the site may not behave as expected. Also, add your domain from our website and place your API key at the config file.

You can then enable or disable EVAL. EVAL enables you to execute PHP and MySQL directly from web (admin panel), by default, it is disabled (set to 0), if you wish to enable it, turn its value to 1. Further, enter the COOKIE_DOMAIN constant with your domain. Like, .example.com. Remember, the asterisk () as the sub-domain allows all the sub-domains to access your cookies. Finally, fill the COOKIE_SECRET_KEY with any randomly filled value. By default, the script uses SendMail installed at your host but if you wish to switch to SMTP.

Now, simply open installer.php using your browser. Once done with the installation, you can login into the admin panel (http://example.com/admin) with admin” and “password”. This information can then be modified by logging in and going into the Edit Profile page. Additionally, the site comes with a default sample user with username "user", you may delete that account.


  1. PHP 5.5+
  2. MySQL 4.4+
  3. cURL support
  4. MySQLi and Native Driver support
  5. URL Re-write enabled



This project is licensed under MIT. You may use this script for free for any private or commercial projects.