This Node library enables you to communicate with Rapid2FA API.
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Rapid 2FA - Node Package

  • Copyrighted (c) 2017 -
  • Author(s): Areeb Majeed (@hackingtag),
  • License: MIT License

This NPM package can be used to interact with the Rapid 2FA API. This package can generate settings page, user session and validate the session.


You can find the details on how to use the class at our API Documentation.


Install the package by executing the following.

npm install rapid2fa

Import the package in your project by putting the following code in your files:

const Rapid2FA = require('rapid2fa');


If you've any question or query, please feel free to contact us. You can tweet at @hackingtag or write an email to support[at]rapid2fa[dot]com.