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My First Google App ENgine App 

This app utilizes the OAuth 2.0 Protocol to authenticate the user :)
Secondly after authentication , users are redirected to a file upload and server page.
There is a vulnerability here,even if the user doesn't login , navigating to /main any one can access the data.. :( 
need a fix for this... 

There users of the app can upload their desired files / retrive it.

I am working on a project to create a WebApp based on GAE ,where users will be provided with a Coding Problem , and Set of input files for the Problems.As soon as the users solve to problem , they can upload their code and output to the webapp , the app will record the upload time.
The Upload feature will stop 60 minutes after the login.

Since this app can login with the FaceBook id using Oauth 2.0 protocols , I can host this app on Facebook and get a better turnout for the College Code Fest event . . . 

To see the app in action visit
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