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Overview     Frontend     Backend     CLI     DevOps

API Overview

Based on the standard Nest CLI generated API, with the following customizations and enhancements:

  • JWT Authentication
  • Roles base Authorization
  • MongoDB Migration System: A NestJS based Mongo migrations system. Uses DB to track migration state. As such works well in cloud and container environment where local file-based state is not guaranteed across deployments
  • Logger Service: Production grade Logger, leveraging Winston
  • Configuration Service: Strongly typed production-grade configuration system. Centralizes configuration and leverages both .env and fast and flexible ts object literal based configuration
  • e2e Testing: e2e testing of controllers and services, including exercising of authentication and authorization

Backend API Installation and Usage

This project uses Yarn Workspaces and Lerna to install and run multiple sub-repos from a single command. See the DevOps README for instructions on how to install and run this application.

View api endpoint at: http://localhost:3000

API Test

  1. Navigate to /backend, then run the following command:
# e2e tests
$ yarn run e2e-with-docker

Readme Navigation

Further details on each of the systems contained in this project can be found via the following links:

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