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Run OpenMRS platform instances (1.11.3) and mysql as docker containers.


  • Docker engine
  • Docker compose

How to use manageModules script


The script can be used to download OMOD files from the The script is controlled by environment variables (more info below), downloading all modules which have to a defined environment variable with a specific prefix.


  • The script by default copying all pulled files to "./modules" directory. In order to change the default destination directory you can execute the script with path:

    $ ./ {path_to_destination_directory}


    $ ./ ./destinationDir
  • The script by default downloading the latest version of following modules:

    • Sync2
    • Atomfeed
    • FHIR

    In order to change the version of the above modules or add other modules you need to change the environment variables. The script uses two types of environment variables:

    • demoenv_sync2_module_name_{moduleId}={moduleName} - used to define the name of the module
    • demoenv_sync2_module_version_{moduleId}={moduleVersion} - used to define the version of the module


    • {moduleId} - is the module identifier e.g. sync2 (NOTE the environment variable identifier can't contain ".", "-" etc.)
    • {moduleName} - is the name of the module e.g. sync2 (name of the module which can be found here:
    • {moduleVersion} - is the version of the module e.g. 1.4.0 (version of the module which can be found here: If you want always the latest version of the module you should set the latest value.

    In order to change the version of the Sync 2.0 module you should override the environment variable. Example:

    $ export demoenv_sync2_module_version_sync2=1.3.0

    In order to add another module you should add environment variables. Example:

    $ export
    $ export demoenv_sync2_module_version_webServiceRest=latest
  • The module managing could be disabled. In order to do that you need to change the value of demoenv_sync2_module_manage environment variable. Example:

    $ export demoenv_sync2_module_manage=false