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DropFuse is a userspace filesystem that uses publicly shared folders.
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How to use section is right after release notes.

Release notes:
It has been reported that Fuse, mainly MacFUSE is no longer
working correctly on newer versions of OSX. I have limited access
and only to 10.8.2 and have verified it to be the case.

If you see this type of message when you attempt to use Dropfuse -

/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Support/fusefs.kext failed to load -
(libkern/kext) link error; check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil(8).
the MacFUSE file system is not available (71)

even though MacFUSE is installed, please follow these steps:
Download a successor library called OSXFuse
from this SourceForge page

Install it and check the options to install the MacFUSE compatibility layer.
Installing OSXFUSE with this option will remove the old and not working
MacFUSE library if you happen to have it installed.

How to use:
1). Install: Fuse
2). Get a link to a DropBox linked folder
3). Extract the contents of this software and navigate to the software
    folder in command-line.
4). Create an empty directory used during mounting the remote folder,
    for instance : mkdir mnt
5). Run the command:
    python < url> mnt/
    To get you started, I have created a public folder link that you can
    test this on:
    At this moment if everything goes well, you should see a drive mounted
    and named 'mnt'. Open it and use it in a file browser.
    To stop using the mounted drive type:
    fusermount -u mnt/
    umount mnt/

    New requirements: multiprocessing and pyquery.
    Dropfuse will attempt to cache every single item in the folder. It will do so blindly, without any limits
    thus caution has to be exercised what size of file it is used for. Positive trade-off is that audio/video
    playback is butter-smooth,- caching options will be provided in future enhancements.
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