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Sonoff-MQTT-OTA - End of Life


This software is End of Life. New features will be introduced in Sonoff-Tasmota available on

Provide ESP8266 based itead Sonoff with MQTT and 'Over the Air' or OTA firmware.


Install the ESP8266 development environment from esp8266-dev.

Copy the sonoff code files as follows:

  • Create directory esp8266-dev/work and copy directory sonoff and file espupload.php into it
  • Replace file Makefile.common in directory esp8266-dev

Install php and a local web server (ie apache) for OTA and copy directory api in webroot.

Compile and upload

Update sonoff/user/user_config.h with your specific Wifi and MQTT parameters.

Compile source with make and flash once to sonoff using cable connection as shown in Peter Scargill's blog with make flash.

Connection diagram

Do not connect AC power during the flash cable connection.

Compile and upload OTA images to your web server with make clean; make IMAGE=1; make register; make clean; make IMAGE=2; make register.

Note: this software is not compatible with Pete's implementation.


The button on sonoff provides the following features:

  • a short press toggles the relay. This will blink the LED twice and sends a MQTT status message like stat/sonoff/POWER on
  • three short presses start Wifi smartconfig which allows for SSID and Password configuration using an Android mobile phone with the ESP8266 SmartConfig app. The green LED will blink during the smartconfig period for 100 seconds. The MQTT server still needs to be configured using the user_config.h file
  • four short presses start OTA download of firmware. The green LED is lit during the update
  • pressing the button for over four seconds resets settings to defaults as defined in user_config.h and reboots sonoff

Sonoff responds to the following MQTT commands:

  • the relay can be controlled by cmnd/sonoff/power on, cmns/sonoff/power off or cmnd/sonoff/power toggle. The LED will blink twice and sends a MQTT status message like stat/sonoff/POWER on. The same function can be initiated with cmnd/sonoff/light on
  • the MQTT topic can be changed with cmnd/sonoff/topic sonoff1 which reboots sonoff and makes it available for MQTT commands like cmnd/sonoff1/power on
  • the OTA firmware location can be made known to sonoff by cmnd/sonoff/otaurl http://sidnas2:80/api/sonoff/user1.bin where sidnas2 is your webserver hosting the firmware. Reset to default with cmnd/sonoff/otaurl 1
  • upgrade OTA firmware by cmnd/sonoff/upgrade 1
  • show status information by cmnd/sonoff/status 1

Most MQTT commands will result in a status feedback like stat/sonoff/POWER On.

Commands supported

The firmware supports both a serial and a MQTT Man Machine interface. The serial interface is set to 115200 bps. The MQTT commands are constructed as cmnd/sonoff/<command>.

The following commands are recognised by both topic and grouptopic:

Command Description
power Show current power state as On or Off
power on Turn power On
power off Turn power Off
power toggle Toggle power
power 1 Turn power On
power 0 Turn power Off
power 2 Toggle power
light Show current power state as On or Off
light on Turn power On
light off Turn power Off
light toggle Toggle power
light 1 Turn power On
light 0 Turn power Off
light 2 Toggle power
status Show abbreviated status information
status 1 Show all status information
status 2 Show version information
grouptopic Show current MQTT group topic
grouptopic 1 Reset MQTT group topic to user_config.h value and restart
grouptopic your-grouptopic Set MQTT group topic and restart
timezone Show current timezone
timezone -12 .. 12 Set timezone

The following commands are recognised by topic only:

Command Description
restart 1 Restart sonoff
reset 1 Reset sonoff parameters to user_config.h values and restart
ssid Show current Wifi SSId
ssid 1 Reset Wifi SSId to user_config.h value and restart
ssid your-ssid Set Wifi SSId and restart
password Show current Wifi password
password 1 Reset Wifi password to user_config.h value and restart
password your-password Set Wifi password and restart
host Show current MQTT host
host 1 Reset MQTT host to user_config.h value and restart
host your-host Set MQTT host and restart
topic Show current MQTT topic
topic 1 Reset MQTT topic to user_config.h value and restart
topic your-topic Set MQTT topic and restart
smartconfig 1 Start smart config
otaurl Show current otaurl
otaurl 1 Reset otaurl to user_config.h value
otaurl your-otaurl Set otaurl
upgrade 1 Download ota firmware from your web server and restart

If the same topic has been defined to more than one sonoff an individual sonoff can still be addressed by the fall back topic MQTT_CLIENT_ID as defined in user_config.h. The fall back topic will be DVES_<last six characters of MAC address>.


  • To aid in finding the IP address of sonoff the network name will be ESP-<last six characters of MAC address>-<MQTT topic>. So the default name is ESP-123456-sonoff
  • The initial firmware from api/sonoff/user1.bin can be flashed using the SDK 1.4 provided bin files with the following command line: --port /dev/ttyUSB0 write_flash -fs 8m 0x00000 boot_v1.4\(b1\).bin 0x01000 user1.bin 0xFC000 esp_init_data_default.bin 0xFE000 blank.bin
  • Use the group topic to address several sonoffs with one (restricted) MQTT command


Provide ESP8266 based itead Sonoff with MQTT and OTA firmware - Now EOL






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