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Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It's capable of recognizing voice commands so you can interact with Alexa through its Echo devices and have access to their powerful actions.

How can I connect Tasmota devices to Alexa

To control a Tasmota device with Alexa, enable emulation (Configure Other on the Tasmotat web UI).

Use Belkin WeMo for devices with a single relay or Hue Bridge for devices with one or more relays or for lights. Tasmota devices will be discovered by the Alexa app.

For control of lights, color control (introduced in version (development)), on/off, and dimming is supported. Enable Hue Bridge emulation in Tasmota and perform a device discovery in the Alexa app. No skill needs to be added to Alexa. Select Hue Bridge V1 as the device type.

Note: Hue Bridge emulation does not support sensors.

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