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Domoticz Automatic discovery

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Sonoff supports automatic discovery by Domoticz through the Domoticz MQTT Discovery plugin.


The following services should be made available:

  • You have installed/access to a MQTT broker server and made contact with your sonoff
  • You have installed Domoticz
  • You have installed the Domoticz MQTT Discovery plugin

Domoticz MQTT Discovery plugin

Configure Domoticz MQTT Discovery plugin.

  • On the hardware page add Type MQTT Discovery
    1. Give it a name, e.g. Sonoff
    2. Configure the interface with access to your MQTT server (MQTT Server Address, Port, Username and Password)
    3. Set the Discovery topic to homeassistant unless it has been changed in a custom Sonoff-Tasmota build
    4. Set the Ignored device topic to tasmota/sonoff/ to avoid unconfigured Sonoff-Tasmota devices from being discoved

Sonoff-Tasmota (official binary)

  • Each Sonoff-Tasmota device must have it's own topic, the easiest way is to set topic to sonoff_%06X (%06X will be replaced by MAC address). See point 5 here for how to set the topic.
  • Use MQTT or Serial or Web console and execute commands (replace <sonoff_MAC> with the device's unique topic)
    1. cmnd/<sonoff_MAC>/SetOption19 with payload 1 to enable MQTT discovery

Sonoff-Tasmota (custom binary)

  • The above settings can be defined in user_config_override.h (TBD)


That's it! You will now find your Sonoff in the Domoticz user interface.

  • On the Switches page scroll down and find your Switch as configured in step 1
    • Toggle the light bulb; Sonoff should respond
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