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Tasmota WebUI displays Brightness and CT or White level sliders depending on your module or the number of PWM channels configured.

The WebUI doesn't have a color picker for RGB lights due to memory and flash size requirements to implement one. Instead use Color to control colors.

Refer to light commands for all possibilities to control your lights.

Channel mapping

By default the PWM channels are mapped accordingly depending on the number of used channels:

Channels PWM1 PWM2 PWM3 PWM4 PWM5
1 Brightness
2 Cold White Warm White
3 Red Green Blue
4 Red Green Blue White
5 Red Green Blue Cold White Warm White

When connecting more than one light strip to PWMs, you cannot control them separately in the WebUI due to the above mapping. Use Channel<x> to dim each PWM channel individually.

Some lights use different controllers instead of PWM (f.e. SM16716 or MY92x1). In that case channel mapping is dependent on the controller. It can be remapped using SetOption37.

For addressable LED's refer to WS281XB article.

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