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How to setup and configure PlatformIO for Tasmota compilation and upload.

Download PlatformIO

Download PlatformIO from

Install PlatformIO

Install PlatformIO to a known folder.

Download Tasmota

Download the latest Tasmota release Source code from and unzip to another known folder.

Configure PlatformIO

Copy files

Copy all files from the Tasmota release Source code into your platformIO base folder.

Change IDE parameters

The default environment configuration generates multiple firmware variants. To build and/or flash exactly one of these, uncomment one of the env_default lines in file platformio.ini.

  • sonoff.bin - the default firmware for all devices
  • sonoff-minimal.bin - is interim firmware to be used when the above firmware images become too big to fit as OTA or web upload; installing this one first and THEN uploading the desired sonoff.bin allows for future firmware size growth over the OTA file limit of 1/2 flash size.
  • sonoff-ds18x20.bin - is a version of sonoff.bin with the USE_DS18X20 define enabled and a larger MQTT buffer size to be used by people having more than 4 ds18x20 sensors connected.

Compile Tasmota

Select Build from the menu.

Note that where the Arduino IDE automatically includes the main Arduino library, you may need to manually do this when using PlatformIO. In your main .cpp file, add #include <Arduino.h> at the top.

Upload Tasmota

PlatformIO uses the serial interface to upload the firmware to your device. On Windows these interfaces are named COM1, COM2 etc. On Linux these interfaces are called /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1 etc.

Put device in firmware upload mode

When performing a firmware upload do not connect the device to AC but use the power supply provided by your (FTDI type) serial interface.

Put the device in firmware upload mode by grounding pin GPIO00 while applying power.

Grounding pin GPIO00 can often be achieved by pressing button 1 on the Sonoff device or using a wire between GPIO00 and Gnd if the button is not available. Deviations may apply.

Connect the serial interface of your PC to the device while GPIO00 to Gnd.

Perform serial upload

Select Upload from the menu.

NOTE: For a proper device initialization after first firmware upload power down and power up the device.

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