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Sensors Supported by Tasmota

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Sensors Supported by Tasmota

Here you will find further information about the sensors, drivers and displays which are supported by Tasmota. We will update that information so far new things were added to Tasmota. If you find something which is not in the following documents but already in the firmware, open an issue here on Tasmota and report it, please. Then we will look into it and add it.

Drivers (drv)

Name Type Filename IF Type IF Address Version Maintainer
HTTP Webserver xdrv_01_webserver Wifi 2019 Theo Arends
MQTT Interface xdrv_02_mqtt.ino Wifi 2019 Theo Arends
Energy sensor support xdrv_03_energy.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
PWM, WS2812 Sonoff LED support xdrv_04_light.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
IR Infra Red support xdrv_05_irremote.ino GPIO 2019 Heiko Krupp, Lazar Obradovic, Theo Arends
Sonoff RF 433MHz Bridge support xdrv_06_snfbridge.ino RF 2019 Theo Arends, Erik Andrén Zachrisson
Domo Domoticz support xdrv_07_domoticz.ino Wifi 2019 Theo Arends
Serial Bridge support xdrv_08_serial_bridge.ino Serial Theo Arends, Dániel Zoltán Tolnai
Timer Timer support xdrv_09_timers.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends
Rules Rule support xdrv_10_rules.ino Console 2019 ESP Easy Group, Theo Arends
KNX IP KNX IP Protocol support xdrv_11_knx.ino Wifi 2019 Adrian Scillato
HA Home Assistant support xdrv_12_home_assistant.ino Wifi 2019 Theo Arends
Display Display support xdrv_13_display.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends
MP3 MP3 Player support xdrv_14_mp3.ino Serial 20181003 Gerhard Mutz, Mike Fleischer, Theo Arends
PCA9685 12 Bit, 16 Pin Hardware PWM driver xdrv_15_pca9685.ino I2C 0x40..0x7F 2019 Andre Thomas, Theo Arends
Tuya Dimmer support xdrv_16_tuyadimmer.ino Serial 2019 digiblur, Joel Stein, Theo Arends
RF Transceiver RF Transceiver using RcSwitch library xdrv_17_rcswitch.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
Armtronix Dimmer support xdrv_18_armtronix_dimmers.ino Serial 2019 wvdv2002, Theo Arends
PS_16_DZ Dimmer support xdrv_19_ps16dz_dimmer.ino Serial 2019 Joel Stein, Theo Arends
Debug Debug support xdrv_99_debug.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends
Generic Driver interface xdrv_interface.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends inspired by ESPEasy

Displays (dsp)

Name Type Filename IF Type IF Address Version Maintainer
LCD Display LCD support xdsp_01_lcd.ino I2C 0x27 or 0x3F 2019 Theo Arends, Adafruit
SSD1306 Display Oled support xdsp_02_ssd1306.ino I2C 0x3C or 0x3D 2019 Theo Arends, Adafruit
HT16K33 Display 8x8 Matrix support xdsp_03_matrix.ino I2C 0x70..0x77 2019 Theo Arends, Adafruit
ILI9341 Display TFT support xdsp_04_ili9341.ino SPI 2019 Theo Arends, Adafruit
E-Paper Display E-Paper support xdsp_05_epaper_29.ino SPI 2019 Theo Arends, Gerhard Mutz, Waveshare
Generic Display interface xdsp_interface.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends

Energy Messaurement (nrg)

Name Type Filename IF Type IF Address Version Maintainer
HLW8012 based Energy sensor support (Sonoff Pow, KMC70011, HuaFan, AplicWDP303075, Teckin Power Socket) xnrg_01_hlw8012.ino Serial 2019 Theo Arends
CSE7766 Energy sensor support (Sonoff S31, Sonoff POW R2) xnrg_02_cse7766.ino Serial 2019 Theo Arends
PZEM004T Energy sensor support xnrg_03_pzem004t.ino Serial 2019 Theo Arends
MCP39F501, Shelly 2 Energy sensor support xnrg_04_mcp39f501.ino Serial 2019 Theo Arends
PZEM-014, PZEM -016 Modbus AC Energy sensor support xnrg_05_pzem_ac.ino Modbus Serial 2019 Theo Arends
PZEM-003, PZEM-017 Modbus DC Energy sensor support xnrg_06_pzem_dc.ino Modbus Serial 2019 Theo Arends
Generic Energy Driver Interface xnrg_interface.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends inspired by ESPEasy

Plug Type Devices (plg)

Name Type Filename IF Type IF Address Version Maintainer
Wemo, Hue Support xplg_wemohue.ino Wifi 2019 Heiko Krupp, Theo Arends
WS2812 LED String and Strip support xplg_ws2812.ino Serial NeoPixel 2019 Heiko Krupp, Theo Arends

Sensors (sns)

Name Type Filename IF Type IF Address Version Maintainer
Counter Counter sensors support (water meters, electricity meters, etc.) xsns_01_counter.ino Internal 2019 Maarten Damen, Theo Arends
ADC ESP8266 ADC support xsns_02_analog.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends
iTead Sonoff SC Temperature, Humidity, Light and Air Quality sensor support xsns_04_snfsc.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
DS18B20 Temperature sensor support xsns_05_ds18b20.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
DS18x20 Temperature sensor support xsns_05_ds18x20.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
DS18x20 Legacy Temperature sensor support xsns_05_ds18x20_legacy.ino GPIO 2019 Heiko Krupp, Theo Arends
DHTxx, AM23xx, SI7021 Temperature and Humidity sensor support xsns_06_dht.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
SHT1x, SHT10/11/15 Temperature and Humidity sensor support xsns_07_sht1x.ino I2C 0x40 default 2019 Theo Arends
HTU21 Temperature and Humidity sensor support xsns_08_htu21.ino I2C 0x40 2019 Heiko Krupp, Theo Arends
BMP085, BMP180, BMP280, BME280, BME680 Pressure, Temperature, Humidity and Gas (BME680) sensor support xsns_09_bmp.ino I2C 0x76 and 0x77. Two BMP are now possible 2019 Heiko Krupp, Theo Arends
BH1750 Ambient Light sensor support xsns_10_bh1750.ino I2C 2019 Theo Arends
VEML6070 Ultra Violet Light (UV-A), UV Index and UV Power sensor support xsns_11_veml6070.ino I2C 0x38 & 0x39 20181006 Mike Fleischer, Theo Arends
ADS1115 A/D Converter support xsns_12_ads1115.ino I2C 0x48, 0x49, 0x4A or 0x4B 2019 Theo Arends
ADS1x15 A/D Converter support xsns_12_ads1115_i2cdev.ino I2C 0x48, 0x49, 0x4A or 0x4B 2019 Stefan Bode, Theo Arends
INA219 High-Side DC Current and Voltage sensor support xsns_13_ina219.ino I2C 0x40..0x4F 2019 Stefan Bode, Theo Arends
SHT3X Temperature and Humidity sensor support xsns_14_sht3x.ino I2C 0x44, 0x45 or 0x70 (SHTC3) 2019 Theo Arends
MH-Z19(B) CO2 sensor support xsns_15_mhz19.ino Hardware Serial 2019 Theo Arends
TSL2561 Light sensor support xsns_16_tsl2561.ino I2C 0x29, 0x39 or 0x49 2019 Theo Arends, Joachim Banzhaf
SenseAir K30, K70 and S8 (CO2) CO2 sensor support xsns_17_senseair.ino I2C 0x68 2019 Theo Arends
PMS5003-7003 Particle Concentration sensor support xsns_18_pms5003.ino Serial 2019 Theo Arends
Xadow, Grove Mutichannel Gas sensor support xsns_19_mgs.ino I2C programmable, 0x04 default 2019 Palich2000, Theo Arends
Nova SDS011, SDS021 Particle Concentration sensor support xsns_20_novasds.ino Serial 2019 Theo Arends
SGP30 Gas and Air Quality sensor support xsns_21_sgp30.ino I2C 0x58 only 2019 Theo Arends
HC-SR04, HC-SR04+, JSN-SR04T Ultrasonic sensor support xsns_22_sr04.ino GPIO 2019 Nuno Ferreira, Theo Arends
Eastron SDM120 Modbus Energy Meter support xsns_23_sdm120.ino Serial 2019 Gennaro Tortone
SI1145, SI1146, SI1147 UV Index, IR and Visible Light sensor support xsns_24_si1145.ino I2C 0x60 only 2019 Theo Arends
Eastron SDM630 Modbus Energy Meter support xsns_25_sdm630.ino Serial 2019 Gennaro Tortone
LM75AD Temperature sensor support xsns_26_lm75ad.ino I2C 0x48..0x4F 2019 Andre Thomas, Theo Arends
APDS9960 Proximity Sensor support xsns_27_apds9960.ino I2C 0x39 only 2019 Shawn Hymel/Sparkfun, Christian Baars, Theo Arends
TM1638 8 Switch, LED and 7 Segment Unit sensor support xsns_28_tm1638.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
MCP23008, MCP23017 GPIO Expander xsns_29_mcp230xx.ino I2C 0x20..0x27 2019 Andre Thomas, Theo Arends
MPR121 12 Point Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor controller xsns_30_mpr121.ino I2C 0x5A, 0x5B, 0x5C or 0x5D 2019 Rene 'Renne' Bartsch
CCS811 Gas and Air Quality sensor support xsns_31_ccs811.ino I2C 0x5A or 0x5B 2019 Gerhard Mutz, Theo Arends
MPU6050 3-Axis Gyroscope and 3-Axis Accelerometer sensor support xsns_32_mpu6050.ino I2C 0x68 or 0x69 with AD0 HIGH 2019 Oliver Welter
DS3231 RTC chip, act like sensor support xsns_33_ds3231.ino I2C 0x68 2019 Guy Elgabsi
HX711 Load Cell sensor support xsns_34_hx711.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
TX20 La Crosse Wind (Anenometer) sensor support xsns_35_Tx20.ino GPIO 2019 Thomas Eckerstorfer, Theo Arends
MGC3130 Electric Field Sensor xsns_36_mgc3130.ino I2C 2019 Christian Baars, Theo Arends
RF RF Sensor receiver xsns_37_rfsensor.ino GPIO 2019 Theo Arends
AZ_Instrument 7798 CO2, Temperature and Humidity Meter support xsns_38_az7798.ino Serial 2019 Theo Arends
MAX31855 Thermocouple Sensor support xsns_39_max31855.ino SPI 2019 Markus Past
PN532 NFC Tag Reader xsns_40_pn532_i2c.ino I2C 2019 Andre Thomas, Theo Arends
MAX44009 Ambient Light Sensor support xsns_41_max44009.ino I2C 2019 Theo Arends
SCD30 CO2 Sensor support xsns_42_scd30.ino I2C 2019 Frogmore42
Generic Sensor Interface xsns_interface.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends, Inspired by ESPEasy
Debug Debug support zzzz_debug.ino Internal 2019 Theo Arends


  • Excel sheet with all supported sensors, drivers and display types.

Link: Tasmota Supported Sensors v1.0.1.2.xlsx

  • Word document with sensor images and possible with some extra information about wiring and/or how to handle sensors.

Link: ... (TBD)

Sensor Quality

  • ... (TBD)
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