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Sonoff SV

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Sonoff SV Version 1.0 (Work in Progress)

The sonoff safe voltage is almost the same as the sonoff basic. It has the ESP 8266 with 1MB flash

difference between sonoff basic

  • It can be powered by DC voltage
  • It has extra GPIO pin headers
  • It has two LED status lights (RED and GREEN)
  • The traces on the bottom aren't soldered
  • The GND,TX,RX and 3v3 pins are labeled
Usable GPIO pins

⚠️ what can the unit handle ⚠️

The trace is 2 mm wide. By assuming the pcb trace thickens is 1 oz/ft^2

with that information you can calculate the current: 2 A

If you are using more current be sure to put solder on the solder pad area.

using the sonoff SV

You can use the sonoff SV in three different ways.

1. with variable DC voltage between 5-24 V

By not having the jumper connected in the far left. the voltage regulator is used for the relay.

2. with solid DC voltage 5 V

By bridging the two pins you are connecting the 5 V input directly to the relay so you are bypassing the regulator so the relay still gets 5 V

3. ⚠️ with AC voltage ⚠️


By removing the two 0 ohm SMD resistors next to the jumper you are disconnecting the voltage input from the logic. By doing this you can switch AC again like the sonoff basic. Than You can use the jumpers labeled 5~12 V as your DC voltage for the ESP and relay.

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