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Tasmota Device Locator

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Tasmota Device Locator

Locate Tasmota Devices on your network when you only know the subnet of the device. The search is done with javascript in a browser and no software installation is required. Only newer devices with CORS support will be found.

Tasmota Device Locator


Enter any ip address in the subnet and it will search for devices on the whole subnet. E.g. specify to locate all devices in the range to

If the devices are password protected also enter the password. The password will be tried on all devices. If they have different passwords, more searches must be done.

Run the live version

The live version can be found here


If you want to run your own server, the Tasmota Device Locator can be served by any static http server (not https).

  • Checkout the branch gh-pages.
  • Copy the files to the root of the web server


Sources can be found on github, Tasmota Device Locator.

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