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How to setup and configure Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO for Tasmota compilation and upload.

Download and Install Visual Studio Code

Download Visual Studio Code (VSC) from

Install PlatformIO Extension

Install the PlatformIO IDE extension in VSC.

Select View - Extensions and type PlatformIO in the search box.

Make sure to select the official PlatformIO IDE extension and select Install. Accept to install dependencies.

Download Tasmota

Download the latest Tasmota release from and unzip to a known folder.

Copy files

Copy all files from the Tasmota release Source code into your VSC working folder.

Compile Tasmota

Start VSC and select File - ``Open Folder...` to point to the working folder.

Note: Press Ctrl + Shift + P and type PlatformIO to see all options.

Select the desired firmware by editing file platformio.ini as needed.

Easy compilation can be performed from the icons at the bottom of the VSC screen.

Upload Tasmota

Enable desired options in patformio.ini for serial upload like:

; *** Upload Serial reset method for Wemos and NodeMCU
upload_port = COM5
;upload_speed = 512000
upload_speed = 115200
;upload_resetmethod = nodemcu

Enable desired options in platformio.ini for upload to your local OTA server like:

; *** Upload file to OTA server using HTTP
upload_port = domus1:80/api/upload-arduino.php
extra_scripts = pio/

Easy compilation and upload can be performed from the icons at the bottom of the VSC screen or use Ctrl + Alt + U to upload (will build if needed).


In case vscode shows a huge amount of errors using PlatformIO - Intellisense a possible "solution" is to change the cpp-Intelli Sense Engine type to "TAG PARSER"

This setting can be changed in workspace settings by: Use Ctrl + Shift + P and type Preferences: Open Workspace Settings and type intelli Sense in the search box. Now change the value for Intelli Sense Engine to Tag Parser.

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