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Wemos D1 Mini and BH1750 Luminosity Sensor

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BH1750 Luminosity Sensor (I2C)

The BH1750 is a digital ambient light sensor module which uses I2C to communicate. The BH1750 provides you with a digital value in lux (Lx) over a range of 1 - 65535 lx. See Digital 16bit Serial Output Type Ambient Light Sensor IC for more information.

Connecting the BH1750 to a Wemos Mini D1

Wemos BH1750
D3 (gpio0) SDA
D4 (gpio2) SCL

Tasmota Configuration

In the Configuration -> Configure Module page, select the following:

  1. Module Type : 18 Generic
  2. D3 GPIO0 : 06 I2C SDA
  3. D4 GPIO2 : 05 I2C SCL

Tasmota Main

After reboot of the device the displays the BH1750 Illuminance.

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