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Wemos D1 Mini and RDM6300

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Connecting an RDM6300

From the Wemos SHT30 shield specs use pins D4,5V,GND and connect to RDM6300 Board. The TX pin(J1 Pin1) of the RDM6300 is connected to the shield D2. In addition attach GND and 5V.

Tasmota Configuration

In the Configuration -> Configure Module page, select the following:

  • D3 GPIO0 : 71 SerBr Tx
  • D4 GPIO2 : 72 SerBr Rx

If the RFID Tag is held in front of the Antenna the reader starts sending the Tag ID The Tag Id is prefaced with a 0x02 and the end is delimited with a 0x03. If the reader reads the tag multiple times you would get one line with multiple times the Tag ID. For this to seperate you can add a SerialDelimiter of 0x03. This will split the result from the serial into serveral single mqtt messages. But (probably) all the messages wil be prepended with a binary 0x02.

Set SerialDelimiter to 3

SerialDelimiter 3

This can be done with one of

Configuration OpenHab


// tele/sonoff-rfid-1/RESULT {"SSerialReceived":"01020304FAFA"}
String RFID_1      "RFID [%s]"
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