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YTF IR Bridge

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OTA flashing

This device is based on a Tuya Wi-Fi module and may still be flashable with Tuya-Convert.

Serial flashing

Like most devices, GPIO0 has to be held low during power up to get into flash mode. In the picture below, notice the red jumper wire between IO0 and GND. I soldered it in such a way I could hold it during power on, but release later (basically acts as a button), since it can not be held low if you want normal operation.

img_1140 image img_2323 img_8334 img_3255 img_3282


Introduced in version as YTF IR Bridge (62)

GPIO Component Description
04 LED1i (52) Blue LED - Link status
05 IRrecv (51) IR Receiver
13 Button1 (17) Button
14 IRsend (8) IR Transmitter

IR Codes

IR Code List

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