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Disabling DST? #8528

6 tasks
WolfganP opened this issue May 24, 2020 · 4 comments
6 tasks

Disabling DST? #8528

WolfganP opened this issue May 24, 2020 · 4 comments
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WolfganP commented May 24, 2020


I've just flashed a new device, and while configuring the basics (ie changing my timezone to -3 and entering my lat/lon coordinates), I noticed the DST entries set and I couldn't find any reference in the docs on how to disable them (my country abandoned DST years ago) and I just didn't want to "disabling" DST effects just by inputing 0s if not documented as workaround.

12:00:43 RSL: STATUS7 = {"StatusTIM":{"UTC":"2020-05-24T15:00:43","Local":"2020-05-24T12:00:43","StartDST":"2020-03-29T02:00:00","EndDST":"2020-10-25T03:00:00","Timezone":"-03:00","Sunrise":"07:46","Sunset":"17:53"}}

Any tip?


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  • [*] Device used (e.g., Sonoff Basic): Sonoff POW R1
  • [*] Tasmota binary firmware version number used: 8.3.1(tasmota)
    • [*] Pre-compiled
    • Self-compiled
      • IDE / Compiler used: _____
  • [*] Flashing tools used: Tasmotizer
  • [*] Provide the output of command: Backlog Template; Module; GPIO 255:
11:42:49 RSL: RESULT = {"NAME":"Generic","GPIO":[255,255,255,255,255,255,255,255,255,255,255,255,255],"FLAG":15,"BASE":18}
11:42:49 RSL: RESULT = {"Module":{"6":"Sonoff Pow"}}
11:42:50 RSL: RESULT = {"GPIO0":{"17":"Button1"},"GPIO1":{"0":"None"},"GPIO2":{"0":"None"},"GPIO3":{"0":"None"},"GPIO4":{"0":"None"},"GPIO5":{"130":"HLWBL SEL"},"GPIO9":{"0":"None"},"GPIO10":{"0":"None"},"GPIO12":{"21":"Relay1"},"GPIO13":{"132":"HLWBL CF1"},"GPIO14":{"133":"HLW8012 CF"},"GPIO15":{"52":"Led1"},"GPIO16":{"0":"None"}}
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12:02:13 RSL: STATUS = {"Status":{"Module":6,"DeviceName":"Tasmota","FriendlyName":["Tasmota"],"Topic":"tasmota_1A656D","ButtonTopic":"0","Power":0,"PowerOnState":3,"LedState":1,"LedMask":"FFFF","SaveData":1,"SaveState":1,"SwitchTopic":"0","SwitchMode":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],"ButtonRetain":0,"SwitchRetain":0,"SensorRetain":0,"PowerRetain":0}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS1 = {"StatusPRM":{"Baudrate":115200,"SerialConfig":"8N1","GroupTopic":"tasmotas","OtaUrl":"","RestartReason":"Power On","Uptime":"0T01:15:17","StartupUTC":"2020-05-24T13:46:56","Sleep":50,"CfgHolder":4617,"BootCount":25,"BCResetTime":"2020-05-23T21:04:12","SaveCount":62,"SaveAddress":"FB000"}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS2 = {"StatusFWR":{"Version":"8.3.1(tasmota)","BuildDateTime":"2020-05-18T15:39:35","Boot":31,"Core":"2_7_1","SDK":"2.2.2-dev(38a443e)","Hardware":"ESP8266EX","CR":"409/699"}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS3 = {"StatusLOG":{"SerialLog":2,"WebLog":2,"MqttLog":0,"SysLog":0,"LogHost":"","LogPort":514,"SSId":["homewlesslan","homewlesslan2"],"TelePeriod":300,"Resolution":"558180C0","SetOption":["00008001","2805C8000100060000005A00000000000000","00000000","00000000"]}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS4 = {"StatusMEM":{"ProgramSize":587,"Free":416,"Heap":27,"ProgramFlashSize":1024,"FlashSize":4096,"FlashChipId":"1640E0","FlashMode":3,"Features":["00000809","8FDAE797","043683A0","000000CD","010013C0","C000F981","00000024"],"Drivers":"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,16,18,19,20,21,22,24,26,27,29,30,35,37","Sensors":"1,2,3,4,5,6"}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS5 = {"StatusNET":{"Hostname":"tasmota_1A656D-1389","IPAddress":"","Gateway":"","Subnetmask":"","DNSServer":"","Mac":"2C:3A:E8:1A:65:6D","Webserver":2,"WifiConfig":4,"WifiPower":17.0}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS7 = {"StatusTIM":{"UTC":"2020-05-24T15:02:13","Local":"2020-05-24T12:02:13","StartDST":"2020-03-29T02:00:00","EndDST":"2020-10-25T03:00:00","Timezone":"-03:00","Sunrise":"07:46","Sunset":"17:53"}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS9 = {"StatusPTH":{"PowerDelta":0,"PowerLow":0,"PowerHigh":0,"VoltageLow":0,"VoltageHigh":0,"CurrentLow":0,"CurrentHigh":0}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS10 = {"StatusSNS":{"Time":"2020-05-24T12:02:13","ENERGY":{"TotalStartTime":"2020-05-23T21:04:12","Total":0.001,"Yesterday":0.001,"Today":0.000,"Power":0,"ApparentPower":0,"ReactivePower":0,"Factor":0.00,"Voltage":0,"Current":0.000}}}
12:02:13 RSL: STATUS11 = {"StatusSTS":{"Time":"2020-05-24T12:02:13","Uptime":"0T01:15:17","UptimeSec":4517,"Heap":27,"SleepMode":"Dynamic","Sleep":50,"LoadAvg":19,"MqttCount":0,"POWER":"OFF","Wifi":{"AP":1,"SSId":"homewlesslan","BSSId":"74:D0:2B:89:33:32","Channel":7,"RSSI":100,"Signal":-44,"LinkCount":1,"Downtime":"0T00:00:05"}}}

  • Provide the output of the Console log output when you experience your issue; if applicable:
    (Please use weblog 4 for more debug information)
  Console output here:


Steps to reproduce the behavior:


DST to be allowed being disabled if no Savings rules exist for the country.


If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.


Add any other context about the problem here.

(Please, remember to close the issue when the problem has been addressed)

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ascillato commented May 24, 2020

To enable dst and std times you need to use command timezone 99. As you have set timezone -3, dst is not used.

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arendst commented May 24, 2020

As long as timezone is NOT set to 99 it doesn't use DST. SO althought it is displayed it makes no use of it.

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arendst commented May 24, 2020

Ah we just crossed.

@ascillato2 ascillato2 added the duplicated Result - Duplicated Issue label May 24, 2020
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ascillato2 commented May 24, 2020

Closing this issue as it is duplicated. Sorry.

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duplicated Result - Duplicated Issue
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