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Any contribution helps our team and makes Tasmota better for the entire community!

We need:

  • tutorials on using Tasmota features that aren't covered yet
  • guides on wiring and using sensors supported by Tasmota
  • your DIY projects featuring Tasmota
  • new device templates
  • fixing spelling mistakes, broken links and other errors in the Wiki

Please do not edit the sidebar links unless it's a broken link

Removing information

Do not remove information about deprecated or discontinued devices.

The information available is still needed for devices in the field (like Shelly 2) and loss of information makes them unusable in case of debugging or fault analysis.

Adding devices to the wiki

All new devices should be submitted through the Templates Repository. If you're adding a device with a comprehensive flashing or configuration tutorial you can create a new page in the Wiki and link to it in your template submission.

Editing the wiki

If you spot an error in an article use the Edit function to correct it. Make sure you write a short description on what you've changed in Edit message input box before clicking Save page.

Writing guides

Whenever you feel is a good guide or an article that would help other users just click the New Page icon and write.

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