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This Device is based on a Tuya Wi-Fi Module. Refer to "MCU Based Tuya Dimmers and Switches" for details.

DM_WF_MDV4 Dimmer and Case

This is a 240V Leading Edge Dimmer with a TYWE3S controller and an STM8 MCU


The NRST pin of the STM8 needs to be grounded upon boot to disable it, this is brought out to a header pin, along with ground and VCC from the TYWE3S. Confirm by checking continuity with a multimeter

IO0 from the TYWE3s also needs to be grounded upon boot, otherwise it's normal tasmota flashing procedure.

Header pins from left to right *VCC *Unknown *Ground *STM8 NRST





As per main TuyaMCU page using

GPIO Component
01 Tuya Rx (108)
03 Tuya Tx (107)

More information:

Bought from ebay

More information on TYWE3S]

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