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minitiger Touch Light Switch

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minitiger Touch Light Switch

This is a cheap Sonoff T1 clone. Available with 1/2/3 channels.

The board has the ID 2PH89174A


  • ESP8285 micro
  • Blue status LED (micro controlled)
  • Separate touch IC controlled switch status indicators (blue and red)
  • Aliexpress link: Click


Front and soldering: Fullsize

Front and soldering

Front and identification number: Fullsize

Front and identification number

Back and GND: Fullsize

Back and GND

Soldering layout: Fullsize

Soldering layout


This board can be flashed with vanilla sonoff-tasmota. I used esptool on linux to upload the firmware.

Programming mode:

Short GPIO0 to GND, as with all boards.

If you have successfully put the micro into programming mode the LED does not light up!


Single Channel:

Works out of the box, configured as Sonoff Basic. The LED does not light up when the switch is turned off. Configure as Sonoff T1 to enable the LED.

Dual Channel:

{"NAME":"Wall Switch 2C","GPIO":[17,255,255,255,0,22,18,0,21,56,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":28}

Triple Channel:

Since I don't own such a board, you are on your own...

Button 3 should be GPIO10 and Relay 3 should be GPIO4. Use at your own risk!

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